EC Approved Meat Supplier. No. 4857

Our Traceability

Our Meat Traceability Guarantee Our Meat Tracability

Here at Cheshire Food Services, we take nothing more serious than the safety of our meat products and the health and well being of our customers. Therefore it is for this very reason, that Cheshire Food Services has put in place a stringent meat tractability policy on all of its suppliers and affiliates to guarantee transparency for all of our customers every time.

Cheshire Food Services Policy

In order to guarantee our meat is fully traceable we only use suppliers who undertake the following processing protocols;

  1. Rearing data
  2. Slaughter data
  3. Cutting location data
  4. Butcher Identification data
  5. Packaging data including best before and temperature

Further Information

If you require further information on our traceability policy, please contact us now and one of helpful customer service staff will be happy to explain further.

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