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Online Butchers

Using Online Butchers Couldn’t be Easier

The world of ‘buying meat online’ and ‘online butchers’ is still one that both fascinates and scares a lot of our customers. Never fear, Cheshire Food Services is here. Let us explain just how easy buying meat online from your local online butchers Cheshire Food Services can be. Just follow the below 1 minute 6-step process to buy meat online with us.Online Butchers

Pick A Category

The first step when ordering from an Online Butchers is to pick your meat category of choice. On Cheshire Food Services there’s lots of categories to choose from including Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Bacon & Sausages, Bulk Buys and seasonal meats like Christmas Meats.

Pick A Cut

Once you’ve chosen your meat category, you’ll be taken to our online butchers meat shop where you can select your cut of choice. For example if you were to select Christmas Meats you would then be presented with the option to select your Christmas Whole Turkey.

Pick A Size

Once you’ve selected your product / cut of choice you will be taken to the product window where you can read up specific information on your chosen meat, the cut as well as specifications on its weight. Here you can toggle between the different size options. For example choosing a Sirloin Steak from our online butchers interface will present you with the option of a variety of sizes, from 5oz – 8oz. Here you can toggle the sizes, depending on how much meat you desire.

Add to Basket & Order

Once you are happy with your selection, select “Add to shopping basket” and your online butchers basket, located in the top right corner will update with your selection. Once you are finished browsing, click this icon and select “proceed to checkout.” Enter all the information required, including your address, and enter you payment details.

Wait for Your Delivery

Once you’ve ordered, its time for your online butchers Cheshire Food Services to take over. We receive your order, relay it on to our preparation facility and our skilled butchers begin taking your meat through the quality assurance process. As soon as your order is finalised, we whisk your order down to our refrigerated delivery trucks and out to your door.

Give Us Feedback

For those of you with an experience you would like to share, we are very interested in your feedback. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the Online Butchers of choice experience. Therefore we take all feedback seriously. If you would like to contribute to our feedback community, update our GetKudos feed, or our social pages at Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook.

Now its time to shop!


Orders can only be collected from us Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 3:30pm. Same day orders will only be ready for collection if the order has been received before 1:30pm. Please tell us in the "ORDER NOTES" section, on the Check Out Page, which day you will be collecting your order on.