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Our EC Approved Supply ChainWhyUs3

Wondering the exact path your groups meat will move through? Our EC approved supply chain page explains in further details.

Why UsNational Delivery

Still wondering whats so special about us? Check out our why us page to see how we can specifically benefit your group.

Our Operation AreaMap of operation area

Interested to know whether we are big enough to cover your groups locations? Head to our operation area to confirm our national operation radius.

Our ClientsRestaurant Groups

Want to find our more info about whether we have enough experience to deal with your large group? Check out our clients.

Our Commercial Prices

So you’ve read everything you need to hear, now you need prices. Check out our standard price list in our Commercial Prices section.

Contact us

Interested in obtaining a quote, a list of our meat selection or further details on our company, head to the Contact us section and drop us a line.