Serious About Steak!!

Serious About Steak

Serious About Steak!

There’s nothing worse than buying a product or service from a Business that has no knowledge, no purpose or no passion in what they do! Here at Cheshire Food Services it is clear what we are all about… Meat! For the last decade, this company has spent time and effort researching exactly what it is our customers want and today, the Cheshire Food Services Brand is synonymous with Quality and Customer Service excellence.

Our Values!

Every Business has a job…. to market themselves in the best way possible. But at Cheshire Food Services, were just as no-nonsense as our products are. In fact, we are so over the top about keeping maximum control over quality…. that we bought our very own factory in the heart of Trafford. At Cheshire Food Services we promise to deliver only the best!

So Why Cheshire Foods?

Cheshire Food Services are proud to be different to our competitors in four key areas;


To ensure only the highest Quality, we prepare all of our meats from our very own EC Approved premises, ensuring all products reach you in the freshest and safest way. We also only use the Highest Skilled Butchers, trained to deliver all orders exactly to your required specifications.


Cheshire Food Services cares about your Business so much that from now, all orders made before 2pm will arrive the next day straight to your door.


Our range of products are so diverse at Cheshire Food Services, that were sure we’ll have exactly what your looking for. Our 190 different cuts and varsities Beef, Chicken, Liver, Pork, Veal, Turkey Duck and Seafood are certain to keep you coming back!


As one of the most competitive prices in the industry, it is always worth contacting Cheshire Food Services for a quote.

So what would you like?

Cheshire Food Services

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