Social Media Mad!

Social Media - Cheshire Food Services

Social Media Mad!

Here at Cheshire Food Services we have finally found Social Media… and if we’re honest we’re loving it! In fact we are loving it so much that we are on nearly everything. Here is a low down on what to expect on our feeds in the very near future!

Come Read, Learn & Chat!

The Official Cheshire Food Services Twitter Feed can be found at @CheshireFoods (A little sad we couldn’t get our whole name). When you get following us you’ll find our feed full of the latest news of what Cheshire Food Services are up to, offer guidance into how and why to use our products and even schedule a monthly chat evening.. just in case you have any questions about our brand. More info coming soon!

Offers & Promotions

If your the sort of person that likes getting access to a good old voucher and seasonal promotions, then get yourself to our Official Facebook Page. We only give offers to our community of followers, so ensure you like our page to be in with a chance of getting them!

Corporate Relationships

Finally, for Businesses who are eager to learn more about Cheshire Food Services and what we can do for you, get down to our Official LinkedIn Page where we are eager to build relationships. In the coming weeks we hope to meet new faces, reveal who we are and even create some of our own industry groups! Watch this (or this) space!

So are you following yet?

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