The Health Benefits of Eating Lean Meats

Maximise your health and fitness goals!

Studies show that a diet that includes high protein and low fats with lean meats such as beef and poultry are renowned for increasing our happiness and overall health. As your Online Butcher of choice, Cheshire Foods have you covered!

Why lean meats?

Health conscious carnivores in the world today, have taken the healthy approach to their meats. Lean meat is a common term used in dietary advice, and yet there are still some common misconceptions and confusion around what they actually are, and why they are so beneficial for our diets.
We know that lean meats are the ideal source of protein, and as well as that, the amount of calories that they contain is substantially lower than non-lean meats.

This means that they are the perfect diet choice for those of you who want to watch their calorie intake, and work to achieve their ideal body and achieve great overall health. As well as this, lean meats such as chicken are an excellent source of selenium, and vitamins B3 and B6 and Choline. The importance of Choline is very high, because this miracle compound is essential in maintaining high levels of nerve function and can even reduce inflammation.

So what are lean meats exactly?

You might be wondering what the best selection of lean meats are for your diet, and which are best suited to your particular lifestyle. In general a lean meat is any kind of meat that has relatively low fat content. These are the best and healthiest lean meats according to research:


If you are concerned about health and fitness today, even if you aren’t a major gym goer, you will probably still find it useful to consider mostly lean meats in your diet.  Because, after all, proteins are life’s building blocks, and this is why they get so much attention in dietary advice. Lean meats are all about, in a nutshell: maximising your protein intake.

For each 100g of chicken breast you consume, 27 grams will be protein. This is a very high amount of protein, and so, understandably, chicken breast is very popular today in fitness fans diets. Beef is much the same, although it may differ slightly depending on the cut you eat. Rump steaks are great for a slightly higher protein intake.

Achieve low cholesterol and say no to diabetes

The thing about diabetes is that most people think of it mostly as carbs and sugar. But studies show that people who suffer from diabetes often die from heart diseases and other complications. Therefore, a healthy diet does not mean just cutting those carbs and sugars from it, but also watching out for the high fats, which some meats have high amounts of.

And since we know that lean meats contain much less fat, this is important to note for diabetes sufferers. A study that RMIT university in Australia conducted, proved that if you eat lean meat, it can actual cause lower plasma cholesterol and contribute to an increase in your Omega 3 levels in your bloodstream. This can go back all the way to when our ancestors first ate a diet which was high in meat, before agriculture took off.

Those essential Vitamins and Minerals

As an experienced and long time serving Online Butcher, we also know that lean meats are an excellent source of a very healthy dose of great vitamins and minerals too. They contain a lot of iron, which contributes to a good working bloodstream and overall good heart health, magnesium maintains bones, and zinc boosts the immune system – both which is found in high supply in lean meats.

Red meats also contain high amounts of iron, zinc and vitamin B12, and white poultry contains Selenium, a fantastic immune-boost antioxidant, as well as, as we discussed earlier Choline (the nerve functioning wonder compound) and vitamins B3 and B6.

So, there you have it folks. The benefits of eating beef, poultry and other lean meats cant be overstated! They are the perfect diet for health and fitness conscious eaters.

As always, it is essential to maintain a healthy balanced diet. And lean meats may be an ideal part of that, but don’t forget that fatty fishes and meats are needed too! You can browse our full range of latest tasty, exceptional quality and affordable meat deals over here: (click for tasty meats)

And as always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions! Post a comment below or send us an email!

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Buying From Wholesale Meat Suppliers

Wholesale Meat Suppliers

5 Top Tips When Buying From Wholesale Meat Suppliers

We all know that bulk buying is increasingly becoming the norm and with the tightening of disposable income and increasing ease of access to bulk buy products, its likely to occur in all areas of our life. And dealing with your wholesale meat suppliers are no different. If you’ve got the space in your freezer for all of that meat you may as well buy it right? WRONG! At Cheshire Food Services, we have noticed a real shift in consumer buying, considerably on the meat side. Therefore we have devised a 5 tips to remember when your shopping next time for your meat!

Price VS Quality

We have all heard the phrase before, price is price but quality is quality. You go to the store you see some beautiful Sirloin Steaks or Leg of Lamb for half the price and you instantly buy. Stop for a second and think! Your ‘amazing’ Wholesale Meat Suppliers margin needs to be included in that amazing price right? So if you minus one from the other, do you think that a high quality cut of meat could be purchased for that? Remember high quality comes at a price!

Look for EC Approval

Meat EC Approval

Quality assurance of food is a key trend in the UK at this moment and the Government have made it their pledge to ensure that food in UK receives the harshest quality control checks possible. But how can I be certain the Government have taken initiative on your online wholesale meat suppliers product range? And there are so many accreditations for meat, how can I be sure this standard is high enough. One answer… look for an EC approval label like the one shown above! Wholesale meat suppliers who own their own EC approved premises have been accredited by the Food Standards Agency as a safe, hygienic and strict quality control managed establishment, everything you need.

Meat Traceability?

As well as quality, meat traceability is an extremely hot topic in the meat industry at this moment in time. Traceability, referring to the the ability to trace a finished product right back through the supply chain to production, is an area that a lot of Wholesale Meat Suppliers, particularly those based online, lack greatly in information. Before you purchase from wholesale meat suppliers, make sure you quiz them about their traceability policy!

Quality in all elements

There is nothing worse than buying from Wholesale Meat Suppliers who claims to be of top quality but isn’t. But how can you really tell? Easy! Check their website, phone them up and test their customer services and finally make a small test order. Remember a company is top quality throughout, it’s quality doesn’t stop at the meat. So it should be reflected in its staff, its packaging as well as throughout the company.


Finally when considering using online wholesale meat suppliers, check out the key benefits that they are offering you as a consumer? Do they deliver right to the door? Do they offer next day delivery? Any offer on first purchases? Remember they need trade from you so use your power as a customer and push.

Happy Buying

Cheshire Food Services

Social Media Mad!

Social Media - Cheshire Food Services

Social Media Mad!

Here at Cheshire Food Services we have finally found Social Media… and if we’re honest we’re loving it! In fact we are loving it so much that we are on nearly everything. Here is a low down on what to expect on our feeds in the very near future!

Come Read, Learn & Chat!

The Official Cheshire Food Services Twitter Feed can be found at @CheshireFoods (A little sad we couldn’t get our whole name). When you get following us you’ll find our feed full of the latest news of what Cheshire Food Services are up to, offer guidance into how and why to use our products and even schedule a monthly chat evening.. just in case you have any questions about our brand. More info coming soon!

Offers & Promotions

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Corporate Relationships

Finally, for Businesses who are eager to learn more about Cheshire Food Services and what we can do for you, get down to our Official LinkedIn Page where we are eager to build relationships. In the coming weeks we hope to meet new faces, reveal who we are and even create some of our own industry groups! Watch this (or this) space!

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Serious About Steak!!

Serious About Steak

Serious About Steak!

There’s nothing worse than buying a product or service from a Business that has no knowledge, no purpose or no passion in what they do! Here at Cheshire Food Services it is clear what we are all about… Meat! For the last decade, this company has spent time and effort researching exactly what it is our customers want and today, the Cheshire Food Services Brand is synonymous with Quality and Customer Service excellence.

Our Values!

Every Business has a job…. to market themselves in the best way possible. But at Cheshire Food Services, were just as no-nonsense as our products are. In fact, we are so over the top about keeping maximum control over quality…. that we bought our very own factory in the heart of Trafford. At Cheshire Food Services we promise to deliver only the best!

So Why Cheshire Foods?

Cheshire Food Services are proud to be different to our competitors in four key areas;


To ensure only the highest Quality, we prepare all of our meats from our very own EC Approved premises, ensuring all products reach you in the freshest and safest way. We also only use the Highest Skilled Butchers, trained to deliver all orders exactly to your required specifications.


Cheshire Food Services cares about your Business so much that from now, all orders made before 2pm will arrive the next day straight to your door.


Our range of products are so diverse at Cheshire Food Services, that were sure we’ll have exactly what your looking for. Our 190 different cuts and varsities Beef, Chicken, Liver, Pork, Veal, Turkey Duck and Seafood are certain to keep you coming back!


As one of the most competitive prices in the industry, it is always worth contacting Cheshire Food Services for a quote.

So what would you like?

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